I Probably Won’t Believe You

I frequently believe that people are only being nice to my face, that the compliment (or other positive praise) they give isn’t genuine.

The best example I have is items I have crocheted for other people. Someone will tell me that they love it, it’s beautiful,  or they use it all the time. I know that what I have made is great, that it’s pretty, that it’s functional. I wouldn’t sell it if it was a piece of shit. However, after the person has taken it I can’t help but think that they were just trying to be nice.

*True Story*
This idea that people are just trying to be nice by lying may come from when my best friend in middle school, told me that she was just pretending to be my friend because she felt bad for me.

There is an internal struggle constantly going on inside my head. Often it is hard for me to explain because it is irrational. Since it’s irrational it’s confusing.

The struggle is real.