Oh I Forgot

I forgot to write about it. I wrote about the untimely demise of Rooney but I forgot the cat.

A couple months after the dog died one of our cats died. Something was wrong with his liver and we were unable to afford the care. Even if we could afford the care there was no guarantee he would fully recover. So sadly I had to have him put to sleep.

For my birthday in 2012 we went out bowling and drinking. After we were done there I wanted to go do Karaoke. My husband however did not. So we went home. I was drunk…. SOOOO DRUNK! On the drive I jokingly said “wouldn’t it be funny if I found a cat?!” So we get home and pull into our parking spot. Looking put the window I see something that looks funny. It was across the street and it was dark. I ask my husband “is that a cat?” He says “I don’t think so.” Well when we get out of the car my drunk ass starts saying “here kitty kitty.” It’s moves and my I hear my husband cursing to himself. One more “here kitty kitty” and he came running right to me.

I hadn’t planned on keeping him. He was the first cat I’ve caught. I’m sure he won’t be the last. I normally take them to the local no kill. We have cats already and introducing more can be hard. But he was friendly and… he had extra thumbs on his front paws. My husband protested and said something like “we should’ve just gone to karaoke.” But in the end agreed as long as we could call him Digit.

He was a good cat even if he was an asshole at times. He thought he was the shit because of those extra toes!


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