Death is Funny

Death is not a haha kind of funny, at least not most of the time. I am not a firm believer in God or heaven. I believe in the possibility of God and heaven but also know that it might not be real. I operate my life with the belief that I should do my best to be a good person. Then if there is a God and Heaven hopefully I’m covered! If there isn’t then at least I wouldn’t have been an asshole my whole life.

What makes death funny(for me) is how we explain it to our children. There are no if ands or buts about it, there is a God and there is a heaven. I push away any doubt I may have so that my son is less scared of those around him dying. Pets or people, there is a heaven. 

Today my little boys Noni died, my mother in law. It was sudden and she went in her sleep.

While the youngest, almost 2, is to young to understand the oldest is not. I had to tell my almost 4yr old that a woman he loved and adored died.

For him there is a story of heaven. For him God said to his Noni “Noni it is time for you to not hurt anymore. It is time for your soul to come to heaven. Your knees and legs won’t hurt and all your aches and pains will be gone.”

So God tool her soul and left her body. Because on heaven you don’t need your body anymore and God knows that people who loved her still need to say goodbye.

He wiped my eyes and said “no more crying mama.”


2 thoughts on “Death is Funny

  1. When my grandfather died, my sister was living in England, so she got the news over the phone. Her daughter, then 3-ish?, had a cold, and used her snotty tissue to blot my sister’s tears. Thank you for giving (me) your cold, Rachel! Sweet, precious littles.


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