A Splinter, Oh The Humanity

Last night while peeing outside, you didn’t misread, 3yo got a splinter in his foot. His performance was Oscar worthy!

First let’s address the peeing because that’s really where it all started. The first time he did it I wasn’t sure what he was up to. He was on the back porch, playing in his sandbox, while I was right inside the door making dinner. When I peek out I see him on the bottom step. Thinking he is going into the yard the following convo happens:

Me: “Cam you’re not wearing shoes, you can’t go in the yard.”
3yo: “I’m not going in the yard mama. I’m peeing.”
Me: *sighing* “Fine just pull up your pants when you finish.”

You might ask why he is peeing in the yard instead of inside. My answer, because then he isn’t running in and out a million times. Letting bugs in and cool air out. Also he has a penis so he can point, aim, and normally not pee on himself.

Then he peed outside a 2nd time and the world ended… almost. He got a big splinter in his foot and the tears flowed. I wish I had thought to video tape it sooner! It was one of those moments were you feel bad but want to laugh at the same time. He kind of rambled while crying and saying mama a bunch. It went something like “mama I need you to carry me. Mama get it out mama. It hurts mama, don’t touch it. Get it out.” Over and over!

Even today the dramatics are continuing.  He refuses to walk on it flat. He will ask me to look and get the rest out but them he starts screaming not to touch it!

I truly wish I had a better video!


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