What Comes After?

During the week I assist a young man in his daily life. During our 2yrs working together we have had plenty of interesting converstions. Some of these conversations include penguin mating habits, cultural differences, dancing tellytubbies, and on several occasions death.

Today’s conversation was about human possession(by ghost/demons), and subsequently ghost and if the exist.

First possession. I don’t know. That’s all I’ve got. I guess it’s possible, but highly unlikely.

Now for the deep thinking! I do believe in ghost. I believe it’s possible for our souls to become stuck.

Theory 1: if there is a heaven souls become stuck because of unfinished business.

Theory 2: if there is no heaven souls become stuck because they are unwilling to accept that they will just fade into the oblivion.

I do not know if there is a heaven and I don’t fear death. I’m of the belief that if you try your best to be a good person then it doesn’t matter what comes after.  The young man I help, hates the idea that this is it. He fears the idea of oblivion. His thought is “then why does it matter that we even lived?” For me it always comes back to just living life. The people around you will remember you. Your life will affect others, for good or bad. Then their lives will affect others, and so on, and so on.

We do not see it. We don’t always feel it. But you should always know that your molding the world around you. Even after death we shape lives. Marathons are run in people’s honor, foundations and scholarships are created, trees are planted. Your life can still continue on.