The Loss of a Family Member


Today our 8yr old English Bulldog died, his name was Rooney. Named after Wayne Rooney of Manchester United.

Most likely he died from a heat stroke. The babysitter says he wasn’t outside for more than 15minutes, but because of his type it’s possible. I don’t want an autopsy done, it’s money that we can’t afford. Also it won’t bring Rooney back.


Rooney was never an easy puppy, there was always some kind of problem. Which after purchasing him we found out the breeder was banned from the AKC. He had pneumonia for almost the first year of his life. We couldn’t crate train him because he would get so worked up he would vomit. Then he aspirated and would have pneumonia again. He had to have his cleft palate clipped and his nostrils widened. He was always pulling a leg muscle. His nose got this weird crusty scab on it that would not go away because he ALWAYS licked it! Sometimes behind his right ear he would get super itchy
… for NO REASON!!

But we loved him.


My husband* is taking it very hard. Rooney was the first dog we had as a couple. I came into the relation with two dogs. But Rooney I bought for him. It was his dream dog, so I made it happen.

I had to explain to our one son, who is 3.5yrs old, that when we went home the dog wouldn’t be there. That like his former fish, Rooney had died. When the fish died Cam wouldn’t let us take them out of the tank. So we agreed, we said that God would come at night and take them. When Cam asked if he could see Rooney I told him no because God had already come and taken him away. He asked if he was at the Doctors, and I told him that God had come and taken him home.


For the most part Cam seems fine. He thinks we can just go get another “Rooney dog,” That’s how he identifies bulldogs. I have had to tell him a couple times that it doesn’t work that way. That mommy and daddy’s hearts are hurting and it has to get better first.


He was a good dog. He was funny and mostly gentle. He pretended to be stupid, but was pretty smart. He will be missed.


*In newer post you will see I have separated from my husband


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