Bank Account

Today I opened a business account! Talk about nerve racking. I mean obviously they aren’t going to say “NO! WE WON’T TAKE YOUR MONEY!” But still it’s the fact that I’m doing something new that scares me.

It took forever! I was told on the phone it would take like 20 minutes since I did most of it online. I was told I didn’t need the one paper since they could see it online. 2hrs later and it’s done!

Now I have to pay for insurance. What if I don’t get clients? How do I get clients?

I have so many fears about doing this. I worry that it will get overwhelming and that my mental illness will bring me down.

At the same time I’m ready to do something more. I want to make more money. I want to pay off bills and save some money. I want a bigger house that actually has a yard for my children.

I want to be more than my mental illness.


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