Screaming Like a Crazy Bitch

I am married* and have two little boys. Frequently I find myself yelling. However, it doesn’t always start this way. I try my best to ask nicely “please put your toys away” or “please don’t punch your brother in the head.”

So the big question is, why does no one listen till I’m hollering or screaming? Then everyone gets their panties in a bunch and treats me like I’m being unreasonable!!

I asked you politely to please put on underwear or pants!! It doesn’t matter which one as long as something is covering your penis and ass!!!


*In newer post you will see that I separated from my husband


One thought on “Screaming Like a Crazy Bitch

  1. LOL. I’m imagining two little boys running around half-nekkid, punching each other in the head.
    Maybe what you have to do when you ask nicely is to GRAB em while they’re running by, look em dead in the eye, and ask “nicely” with your sternest “or there will be punishment” face. Maybe. I dunno. I don’t have any kids. I skipped that part and went straight into Auntie.


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