For Fucks Sake

Some context for the below post: a Facebook friend posted her outrage over Chrissy Teigen choosing which gender embryo to use during her IVF. There was the same discontent and several mentions of doing God’s job. Below is my response.

As someone who has to do fertility treatments to get pregnant, if we had to go all the way to IVF & they said “hey we have girl eggs & boy eggs which one do you want to try first?” I would pick a girl. I have two boys already.

Also those other eggs aren’t just tossed out. Should the ones she uses first not work they move on to the next ones. She has even said she plans on using one of those little boy embryos.

I really dislike the God argument. If there is a God it’s his job to judge. Not ours. If there is a God he has created all these people. With all these different gifts, talents, and ideas. He created the people who discovered fertility treatments, cancer treatments, surgeries, & tons upon tons of other stuff.

My favorite analogy is the one about a guy who’s boat was destroyed in a storm & he’s just floating there on a piece of wood. He prays “God please save me” then a while later a boat comes along & they try to save him. He says “no God will save me.” He keeps praying. Another boat comes along & he says the same thing. He prays, another boat comes & he says the same thing. After the 3rd boat he dies. He gets to heaven & he asks God “why didn’t you save me?” God says “I sent three boats & you told them no.”

God makes all these people to help others, to heal others, to care for others & so on. You just have to see it, take it, & use it.

She didn’t do IVF for shits & giggles. It is not an easy process. She did it because she wanted a baby & she needed help. So what if she picked a girl? She could have done much more than that. She could have picked eye color, hair color, possibly hair texture. But she didn’t.

Also tons of things could still go wrong with her pregnancy, delivery, or its whole life & the child could still have problems.

I’m going to say more now. People need to mind their own damn business. As long as the love their baby and do their best, you should just fuck off! There are so many awful people in this world. They do shitty things while pregnant and harm their babies before they are born. They do awful things afterwords and harm their children. I have cared for people who started out “perfect” little babies. But then someone hurt them. Someone beat them, or shook them, or God only knows what else.

So perhaps instead of focusing on someone picking a girl embryo, you should focus on real problems.


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